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Venus Flagship Mission Study
VDRM Landers

VDRM Lander Conceptual Design

  • Mass (CBE + Cont.): 686 kg; Payload mass: 106.2 kg
  • Design: Single string, redundancy through multiple elements;
  • 0.9 m diameter titanium shell (1 cm wall thickness);
  • Rotating pressure vessel; Drill to 10 cm (2 samples)
  • Thermal design: Passive thermal management: Lithium nitrate with phase change material; Silica insulation: 5 cm external; 1 cm internal; CO2 backfilled pressure vessel
  • Power: lithium-thionyl chloride primary batteries (the same cells used on the balloons), (6 kWh, 12.6 kg)
  • Telecom: S-band LGA to Orbiter with Electra (backup to flyby s/c)
  • Functions: Descent science for ~1 hour; Surface science for 5 hours;