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Venus Flagship Mission Study

Venus Flagship Mission Study Cover Image

Venus Flagship Mission Study, Final Report of the Venus
Science and Technology Definition Team
 (PDF, 15.99 MB), April 17, 2009 (Doc. Review Clearance # 09-1690)

Extreme Environments Technologiesfor Future Space Science Mission (Final Report)

Extreme Environments Technologies for Future Space Science Missions - Final Report (PDF, 11.41 MB) September 19, 2007 (JPL # D-32832)

“Evaluating Low Concept Maturity Mission Elements and Architectures for a Venus Flagship Mission” (PDF, 238 KB)Peterson, C., Balint, T., Cutts, J., Kwok, J., Hall, J., Senske, D., Kolowa, E.,AIAA SPACE 2009 Conference & Exposition, Paper# TN177778, Pasadena, California, September 14–17, 2009.

“Mission Architecture and Technology Options for a Flagship Class Venus In Situ Mission",
Balint T.S. , Kwok, J.H., Kolawa,E.A., Cutts, J.A., & Senske,D.A., 59th International Astronautical Congress, Paper number: IAC–08–A3.6.9, Glasgow, Scotland, October 2008

“Chapter 13: Technology Perspectives in the Future Exploration of Venus”,
Cutts, J.A., Balint, T.S., Chassefiere, E., Kolawa, Chapman Monograph – Exploring Venus as a Terrestrial Planet, Publisher: AGU, Editors: L.W. Esposito, E.R. Stofan, R.E. Cravens, ISBN 978-0-87590-441-2, 2007

Mitigating Extreme Environments for In-Situ Venus and Jupiter Missions”
Balint, T.S., Kolawa, E.A., Cutts, J.A. Journal of British Interplanetary Society, JBIS, Vol.60, No.7., pp.238-248, July 2007

“European Venus Explorer (EVE): an in-situ mission to Venus”,
Chassefiere, E., Korablev, O., Imamura, T., Baines, K. H., Wilson, C.F., Titov, D.V.,
Aplin, K.L., Balint, T., Blamont, J.E., Cochrane, C.G., Ferencz, Cs., Ferri, F., Gerasimov, M., Leitner, J.J., Lopez-Moreno, J., Marty, B., Martynov, M., Pogrebenko, S., Rodin, A., Whiteway, J.A., Zasova, L.V., Michaud, J., Bertrand, R., Charbonnier, J.-M., Carbonne, D., Raizonville, P., and the EVE team, Experimental Astronomy, ESA Cosmic Vision – CV07 special issue,
Springer Netherlands, ISSN 0922-6435 (Print) 1572-9508 (Online); DOI 10.1007/s10686-008-9093-x 2008

VEXAG White Paper: VEXAG Goals and Objectives Document 2007,